AQUAREHAB originally specialized in aqueduct leak detection and disinfection. Over time, the company developed a number of trenchless rehabilitation technologies to address the growing problems of aqueduct deterioration and leaking.

Our dynamic research and development approach quickly propelled AQUAREHAB to the top of the industry, and our introduction in 2002 of cured in place pipe technology (CIPP) further strengthened our leadership.


1988 Specialization in aqueduct leak detection and disinfection
1990 Introduction of cement mortar rehabilitation technologyt
1992 Introduction of pneumatic excavation services and sacrificial anodes
1993 Introduction of temporary surface aqueduct and fire protection systems
1994 Introduction of rehabilitation technology using epoxy coating
1995 Development of work processes for pressurized pipes
1996 Introduction of internal joint rehabilitation technology
2002 Introduction of structural and semi-structural liner technology
2003 Development of sewage system rehabilitation technologies
2006 Introduction of structural liner technology for sewage systems
2009 Acquisition by Les industries Octopus Inc.
2011 First U.S. contract of structural lining of aqueducts
2013 World premiere : structural lining of a 1200mm (48”) in diameter water pipe in Montreal
2014 Contract of structural lining of 24,000 meters (80,000 feet) of aqueduct with the City of Montreal